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Post holes are priced by hole diameter. These prices are based on a 42″ deep post hole, which is code for most area’s frost line footings.  However, deeper post hole depths are available at an additional cost.

6″9″12″14″16″18″20″ 24″30″36″
$12$15$20$25$35$40$50Call For PricingCall For PricingCall For Pricing

Also available (call for pricing): 

18”, 24” & 36″ diameter post holes for landscaping trees and shrubs

Asphalt post holes available

Helical Pier Installation: Call for Pricing

Please be sure to spray paint a large “X” marking the center of the hole.

Call 811 and make sure all your underground utilities have been properly marked.

Fully insured

***All payments are due upon completion of work, no exceptions***

***Minimum charges apply, please call for pricing***

***Prices are subject to change without notice***

Family Owned & Operated

You may have seen us around town, we are the ones with the old trucks and tractors.  Whether you need a post hole for a mailbox, or a large diameter post  hole for a footer foundation, we can serve your needs.  Bill’s Post Hole Service, Inc. has designed and built our own specialty equipment just for digging post holes, along with the old trucks that carry them.  We have a variety of machines for all of your drilling needs.  From our small post hole digger machines that are built utilizing small farm tractors on rubber tires, that do not tear up your lawn like a skid steer, to our bigger post hole digging machines that are on rubber tracks to be able to handle all terrains that my be encountered on construction sites.  Not only do we have post hole equipment that separates us from anyone else, we also have several decades of experience just drilling post holes in the Western New York area.   We take pride in what we do,  and will complete your job with professionalism.

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